A warm wellcome to what is, in the meantime, our 12th International Biodanza- Festival soon coming weekend – the 17. of may to the 20. of May 2024 in the lovely Seminarhaus MaRah in Rahden.

In the name of love – We are the dance: wild, free, human

Aren’t we trying too hard?

In fact, we humans are always trying very hard to do things right, to evaluate them in an appropriate way, to adopt a responsible attitude, to do right, to improve ourselves on this or that level… it seems that for many people, life is a collection of great endeavours!

Rolando Toro kept insisting that in order to be true and evolve with each other, to be able to recognise the miracle of life within us and everywhere, we have to come to be the dance instead of somehow dancing it!

This is a key, a portal to the here and now, an access to authentic perception, an invitation to connected responses.

To be the dance is to go back to the depths of our origins, to take up our instinctive life impulses anew, to dare to take more coherent steps because they are now our dance steps, our movement, our birth, our new beginning, our answer, our question…. All this is the dance, all this is us!

Biodanza does not invite us to move pieces back and forth on a game board, to make small changes here and there to make it more comfortable or to make what we are doing look more appropriate. That would really be very exhausting and would not lead to life.

We are the dance and when we arrive in this way of being, we revitalise our instincts, our vital knowledge… before our movements we are a wise impulse and as such we are clear, powerful and free to move from the earth into the light: be it in word, deed or revolution, all dance!

Humanity is born in this dance, in words, looks, embraces… in accompaniment and support, in acceptance, in trust and openness to each other.

The dance of humanity is the dance of effective love that listens, co-operates and does not look away!!!

We look forward to seeing you,
your Cordula and Birgit