Claire Lewis

  Claire Lewis

Direktorin der Biodanza-Schule (SRT) Scotland, Edinburgh


Instinkt der Erde, himmlischer Tanz, kosmische Vision – Erinnerung, wer wir sind

Earth Instinct, Celestial Dance, Cosmic Vision – Remembering Who We Are

The ecological instinct of human beings has become corroded in a global agenda of consumerism where the consumer becomes the consumed. Europe was once a land inhabited with medicine men and women who were deeply entwined with the spirit of nature, in every breath they took. The indigenous tribes of Europe have been lost in a history of genocide, witch-hunts and industrialization. The longing of our collective hearts has brought us together in a mission to recover the primal  instincts of our humanity and  to dance once again the meaningful impulse of life that we once lived. Evolution is no longer a race to win technological and technocratic wars.  Evolution has become a return to our origin, of earth instinct, celestial dance and cosmic vision where honouring our home, the earth, is tantamount to honouring life.

We must seek the fresh earth roots of our soul and learn its song, that we may dance once again, the path of the eternal human being. In this vivencia we will share a journey to remember who we are: Earth Instinct: Life Instincts, birth, soil, body of the land – at one with the Earth. Celestial Dance: Awakening the innate dances of life that expand with the movement of light connecting us with the Stars. Cosmic Vision: Beyond what we see and know, the boundless unknown mystery, beyond the limitations of our current vision, an expanded perception in the soul of the eternal human being that we dance together.

„Numinous is related to grace, with the creative, with the eternal….This original energy is within the genesis of humanity, from humanity’s conception, gestation and birth. The Eternal Human Being inhabits the deepest place of our identity“ ~ Rolando Toro Araneda